15 September 2010

Mental Agility Test

Are you an old soul or just an old fart? Click here to try some mental agility tests.

16 August 2010

Ode La Toilette

I was perusing my old blog entries and came across a few things that I had stated I would post about and never did... For instance, Top things to do in a Public Toilet, and 10 things Never to say on a first date. So after about 5 years now has passed since that forgotten text, I have re-Googled these items and have found some interesting things.

So today is all about public toilets. YAY! Your favorite.

There is an EHow.com article worth reading about how to use a public restroom without having to touch the seat. That's handy! And should you find you're in the forest, here's a Wikihow.com article to help you out on that one. Package made complete with squat techniques. Batteries not included.

There is publictoilets.org where it appears you can search for public bathrooms in 19 countries around the world. Another handy dandy.

Then I thought, let's have a larf. Watch this.

Or for further fun stuff, try a few of these favorites in your own local facilities:

1. Masquerade as a door-to-door salesman.
2. Start a sing-a-long.
3. Write 'nerdy' graffitti like "Please wash your hands. Thank you." or "Don't forget to wipe!"
4. Collect a door charge.
5. Impersonate Elvis
6. Write "Please use other end!" on the toilet paper.
7. Leave a ladle in the toilet bowl
8. Say "Ewww Gross! Who did THAT?!"
9. Rate people's splash noises
10. Ask "Is there a doctor in the house?

10 August 2010

Ray "The Mountain" LaMontagne

Just a little alert here:

If you like ol' Ray, his new self-produced album is featured on NPR.com. Have a listen!

The jury is still out on it as far as I'm concerned.

28 July 2010

New Music

Eliza Doolittle. I'm loving her... check her out on www.we7.com if you're in the UK or

Not to be confused with My Fair Lady... no no no... different songbird.

27 July 2010

The Trinity Explained

The trinity teaches that God asked himself to go to earth to save mankind.

Then he agreed with himself and volunteered himself to offer himself to himself.

Then God impregnated a woman as himself with himself.

God prayed to himself and glorified himself repeatedly.

God strengthened himself and talked to himself.

Eventually, God forsook himself and sacrificed himself to prove his loyalty to himself.

While dead , he resurrected himself so he could exalt himself above himself.

Then he sat down at his own right hand and waited til he placed his enemies as a footstool'

Finally, with Satan`s forces defeated, God would turn his Kingdom over to himself, that all things would become everything to himself.

So what do you think of that?

20 July 2010

The Best Soup In The World

Click ME!

The Soup Nazi is back. After closing his soup kitchen for 6 years to pursue franchising and frozen soups, the doors to Soup Kitchen International on 55th Street in Manhattan will be open for business once more.

But follow the rules:

Pick the soup you want.
Have your money ready.
Move to the extreme left after ordering.
Another added rule, created after the Seinfeld episode, states not to mention "The N Word (Nazi).

I know he's had a lot of slack in the past but he's very offended by the Seinfeld reference. So don't mention it! EVER! AT ALL!

However being that many of us are no where near the Soup Kitchen any longer, what is the best local food spot in your area and what do you recommend.

12 July 2010



08 December 2009


Something to think about! Which one do you like?

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12 November 2009

Blogging is Overrated

Blogging is over-rated. Well maybe not for everyone. It's like most hobbies... you find you have a knack for it and really go "whole-hog" into pursuing it. Sometimes at the expense of other things like brushing your hair or watering the plants. But all hobbies succomb to a semi-final resting place. I suppose they go through a saturated phase where you love it so much you're up to your earwax in it but just can't seem to bear the thought of typing one more word.

There are many parts to the blogging-hobby-experience. To go into each part would most likely be boring. But regardless of the facinating parts to blogging, it can not escape the inevitable writers-block. Where nothing seems to inspire you to write. Not even the list of bookmarked favorites on your Internet Explorer marked "Awesome Blog Material".

The minutes wasted finding such websites to spark literary genius have failed you. The Scottish Bands website, the site about Peter and the Wolf, the site listed "random facts, stupid laws, strange stories, amazing facts, random facts" (the random facts must be the big seller), HowStuffWorks.com website, Double D Ranchwear, Brooklyn Bridge Story, the Yate and CHipping Sodbury ....all of it does nothing to get you over that hump.

And your blog is dying, suffocating, a few kind hearted faithfuls keep coming back to see if there's anything new and brilliant- when all there is is another group photo and a Quiz. Too easy. Too boring. There needs to be life BREATHED back into this thing!!