16 August 2010

Ode La Toilette

I was perusing my old blog entries and came across a few things that I had stated I would post about and never did... For instance, Top things to do in a Public Toilet, and 10 things Never to say on a first date. So after about 5 years now has passed since that forgotten text, I have re-Googled these items and have found some interesting things.

So today is all about public toilets. YAY! Your favorite.

There is an EHow.com article worth reading about how to use a public restroom without having to touch the seat. That's handy! And should you find you're in the forest, here's a Wikihow.com article to help you out on that one. Package made complete with squat techniques. Batteries not included.

There is publictoilets.org where it appears you can search for public bathrooms in 19 countries around the world. Another handy dandy.

Then I thought, let's have a larf. Watch this.

Or for further fun stuff, try a few of these favorites in your own local facilities:

1. Masquerade as a door-to-door salesman.
2. Start a sing-a-long.
3. Write 'nerdy' graffitti like "Please wash your hands. Thank you." or "Don't forget to wipe!"
4. Collect a door charge.
5. Impersonate Elvis
6. Write "Please use other end!" on the toilet paper.
7. Leave a ladle in the toilet bowl
8. Say "Ewww Gross! Who did THAT?!"
9. Rate people's splash noises
10. Ask "Is there a doctor in the house?


Jamanda said...

thanks for the links! i saw an new anti-bacterial foam for toilet seats the other day. you use the tp to spread it on the seat and then just flush it when you've done your business.

i'll be sure to remember my peg when i go hiking!

i read in uncle john's bathroom reader that during the vietnam war, the american soldiers were followed by the trails of white tp they used. so, the army came out with camo tp. crazy huh?

Nina said...

You'd never think of stuff like that! Normally I carry some antibacterial foam with me and do that very thing... especially since I'm like your man, who can barely stand icky public loos. It also helps with the smell... other people's smells... I don't mind my own. :-)

Janina said...

You know what Amanda...you should give me a list of Ellie antics and I'd post them on here... it would be my "AWWWWW" moment

Jamanda said...

I totally posted to this like a month ago...what the hay!? haha. hey not hay!

Robbi said...

Nina!!!! Miss you like crazymickcrazykins. And this blog reminded me of why! Ahh the joy.