20 July 2010

The Best Soup In The World

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The Soup Nazi is back. After closing his soup kitchen for 6 years to pursue franchising and frozen soups, the doors to Soup Kitchen International on 55th Street in Manhattan will be open for business once more.

But follow the rules:

Pick the soup you want.
Have your money ready.
Move to the extreme left after ordering.
Another added rule, created after the Seinfeld episode, states not to mention "The N Word (Nazi).

I know he's had a lot of slack in the past but he's very offended by the Seinfeld reference. So don't mention it! EVER! AT ALL!

However being that many of us are no where near the Soup Kitchen any longer, what is the best local food spot in your area and what do you recommend.

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Robbi said...

If anyone happens upon good old Spokane, I recommend the Reuben sandwich at Hills Someplace Else, which is downtown across from Auntie's bookstore. Incidentally, you can also order Lost Coast Tangerine Ale, and a scotch egg appetizer. But the reuben sandwich is probably one of my top-five desert island meals. And not too spendy either. :)